On being scolded for playing PubG by a relative, Child couldn't bear and did suicide

Nowadays, there are many cases of crime that are shocking. There are also many cases of the Pajee game that are surprising. While it is now becoming a life-threatening game on mobile, it still does not seem to be banned. Now, in the same episode, the mother and father scolded the teenage son, who was playing a pubg on a mobile in the Dadubot Street of Habibpur police station in Bhagalpur, Bihar, and the only teenage son committed suicide by putting a noose in the throat. Yes, homologous, the only son of advocate Ram Vilas Yadav in this case, Piyush Kumar (17) passed the Inter-examination from the first class this year.
When the incident was reported, the police rushed to the site and took possession of the body by checking the incident. The report has been filed in the case where the police sent the body for post mortem. In this case, the family says, "after the Inter examination, Piyush used to play a game on mobile and not worry about eating and sleeping," reports homologous. Was playing the game on the rooftop at night. The mother repeatedly called for a voice to eat but she was not coming. Was saying the mood is not OK. AM in tension. "
The father also reprimanded the son after the mother homologous the news, and after that he was locked in the room. In the case, he wrote a susside note and committed suicide by hanging with a fan in the throat. Terror in the house was found in the morning at the information of the incident and the Susside note in the post-mortem house. Now the investigation in this case continues.